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Nampa Eagles in Nampa, Idaho

About Us

We provide swing, country and line dancing at the Nampa Eagles on the second and last Fridays of each month. Currently, there is a dance lesson from 7:00-8:00 followed by open social dancing from 8:00-11:00.

Nampa Eagles, 118 11th Ave. North. Public is invited.

$13 for Lesson & Dance, $8 for Dance after 8:00.


To create a fun and welcoming atmosphere for all who want to enjoy a fun evening of country western/rock-n-roll dancing, whether it be swing, two-step, cha-cha, schottische, the waltz, or line dancing.

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Next Dance: 

Friday, June 29, 2018 - PUBLIC INVITED

Host(s): Jack & Schellie

7:00 Lesson 

8:00-11:00 Open Social Dancing

$13 for Dance & Lesson, $8 Dance only, $5 under 21

Nampa Eagles, 118 11th Ave, N, Nampa, ID


We have created a new and different arrangement at the Nampa Eagles to cover costs and the music. We have a core group who prepay for a 6-month period in advance and then there are no worries about having a place to dance two Fridays a month. 

This diverse group of people consists of a minister, insurance agent, bridge inspector, a shipping agent, pilots, a chaplain, a florist, a corrections officer, retirees, as well as, bank and transportation department employees who have stepped up and shown they want to have dances with their friends. Two Friday nights each month are reserved for the requests of one or two of these core members to choose a theme, the music and the lesson they would like taught. This is truly a group effort and no matter who shows up each evening, we have a great time dancing. 

We are very fortunate to have Lyle at the Eagles who has spent a lot of time scheduling our dances and opening and closing the place for us. Sandy has been our go-to gal and Rob has helped as well. And now Cherie and Ken are there for us. We couldn't have a kinder, better bartender than Denise. We are so lucky.Thanks.

We appreciate all of the others who attend our dances when they can share in the fun and laughter.

Thank you all.



1. Pay attention.

If you or your partner have questions, ask YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Your instructor has gone through extensive training and is here to help the entire group learn to dance. If you are qualified to teach, you should create your own class.

2. Unsolicited Teaching on the social dance floor is unacceptable.
Unfortunately, it is one of the more common breaches of social dance etiquette. No one has the right to correct their partners unless it is a teacher in the context of a lesson.

Encouraging words only, please.

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Core Group

Mike & LaWayne Freeman, Randy Lattimer, Linda Rogers, Jack & Schellie Irwin, Michael & Julie Henson, Steve & Cathy Henry, Tim & Susan Higgins, Dan Cole, Heidi Hart, Vickie Scharr, Amy Bower, Mark Newell, Donna Gudmundsen & Chuck Banks. 

Randy Lattimer provides dance instruction & sponsors dance events in Boise, Meridian & Nampa. Check out THIS WEBSITE.
Dances for all ages are held at the Boise Square Dance Hall. More info HERE.

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